About Hand Carved Wood

Hand Carved Wood began by accident during 2020, I was sitting outside the shed with a pen knife and a wee bit of wood, after some whittling, I ended up with a tiny spoon. Day to day, I work as a L3 Rope Access Technician but during the pandemic there was literaly no offshore work for me until the end of the year.

We are lucky to have our own garden and outside space, so spring/summer/autumn 2020 was spent in the garden and shed turning wooden bowls, experimenting with shapes and different types of wood I’d gathered. I’ve forraged and stored wood and burrs for a while, it takes a good long time for them to dry. If wood isn’t dry enough when turned, it’ll most likely crack or explode while on the lathe, which is very annoying.

There’s something satisfying about creating something functional from a lump of wood. I made myself a wee coffee scoop, just the perfect size for one measure of coffee grounds. I gave one of our friends a long handled mixing spoon as part of their wedding gift and got great feeback about it. And so it went from there, I started creating small pieces: bowls, plates and spoons. I managed to get my hands on some small, seasoned, tropical wood blanks from Brodies Timber in Dunkeld and created small wooden bowls and inset them with a ring of resin.

As the bowls started to mount up my wife built me a website and here it is. Have a look at my products in the Shop, they are all individual, one of a kind.

Thanks for reading
Alex :]